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What is a Business Profile

Fantastic advertising value, for just $12/month.  

Value Features:

A FULL PAGE within our site to tell your business story.
     - Who you are.
     - What you do.
     - Contact Information.
     - Links to your website, Facebook, Twitter and any other web resources you may have.

Directory Listing - searchable listing with a link to your Website and your Business Profile
Services - Promote and feature your unique and special services.
Reminders - Remind customers every month before they need to know.
Did you Know - Information to inform customers of stuff they might not know.
Featured Brands - Name brands that you carry.

Business Calendar - List your major events in our calendar.

PLUS:  Random front page and other page spot promotion of your services, reminders and profile 

As much value as we can jam into $12/month
I guess the question would be .. "Why wouldn't I have a profile on PonokaLive?"
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